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Online Food Ordering App

An online food order app, which help people place order quickly and order deliver on time. The targets customers are like lack of time or want to try a new food.



Design a donation flow for a charity

The Donation Drive for DonationApp is an initiative aimed at raising funds and resources to support the noble cause and activities of DonationApp The project seeks to engage individuals, organizations, and communities in contributing towards creating a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

I hired Sanju several times to help us with our graphic design and web development projects. Sanju is extremely prompt and very talented in the graphic design aspect for what we needed. I would gladly recommend and use Sanju again for these types of projects. Thank you again Sanju. Two thumbs up !!!

Stephen F.

Sanju managed the project professionally and demonstrated eagerness to showcase his talent which he did by delivering a fantastic UI design. I would recommend his services

Benoni Briggs

Excellent work and did not mind asking questions when unsure, this resulted in less reviews and the job being completed on time.

Michael Chang

Flawless feedback from authentic customers.

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